Common Equipment Used Following Elective Surgery

One of the common reasons people hire equipment from us at Direct Mobility Hire is following elective surgery, such as a total hip replacement or knee replacement. As the rehabilitation period is often short term, usually between 6-12 weeks, most people choose to hire the equipment rather than purchase.

We are often asked for advice as to what equipment may be useful to aid rehabilitation. Usually, after a total hip replacement, your doctor will issue precautions to follow. NHS choices (2015) advise that these can include; avoiding bending your hip more than 90° (a right angle), and avoiding low chairs and toilet seats. This often results in the need for equipment such as a raised toilet seat to ensure that the toilet is at the correct height. We suggest exploring the following areas to ensure that you are able to follow the precautions given;

Most standard toilet basins have a seat height of around 17”, which for most people is too low following a total hip replacement. There are a couple of options that can be used to raise the height. A raised toilet seat (RTS) can be fitted to the toilet to raise the height of the seat. They come in heights of 2”, 4” or 6”. They fit onto the porcelain of the toilet (with the seat and lid lifted) and can be easily removed for cleaning.

A raised toilet seat can be used in conjunction with a toilet surround; a lightweight frame that is placed around the toilet bowl to provide support to push up from if required.

toilet combination frame (sometimes called a mobray frame) is a lightweight frame with a seat attached. This is placed over the toilet bowl, with the seat and the lid raised and provides additional seat height as well as a frame for support. The toilet combination frame is height adjustable so can be set to the correct height.

Direct Mobility Hire Toileting Equipment Hire

bath or shower board is often used to enable somebody to use an over-bath shower following elective surgery. The board fits widthways over the bath and rests on the lip on either side. There is a minimum lip required of 25mm on each side to ensure a secure fitting. Unfortunately, a bath board is not suitable for corner baths.

shower stool can be used if the user has a separate shower cubicle. They are available in a standard 4 legged version or a 3 legged corner version. It is important to check that there is enough room to safely manoeuvre within the shower cubicle with the stool in situ, and ensure that it does not pose a trip hazard. They are height adjustable so can be set to the correct height for use.

perching stool can be used when an individual chooses to have a hand wash at the basin. The perching stool has a sloping seat to allow the user to ‘perch’ and enables the user to sit close to the basin. They are height adjustable so can be set to the correct height for use.

shower mat or bath mat is often used to prevent slipping when using the bath or shower. These items are for sale only and can be viewed within the handheld items in our hire brochure or the website

Direct Mobility Hire Bathing & Showering Equipment Hire

It is important to have suitable seating within the home following a total hip replacement. If you already have a chair at home which is comfortable for use, ideally with 2 arms to ease your transfer, but the seat height is too low, then we can often use chair raisers to raise the seat height of the chair. We use various types of chair raisers and can raise most armchairs and dining room type chairs.

If you do not have suitable seating at home, then a High seat armchair may be the solution for you. We provide 2 types; a height-adjustable metal-framed chair, or a fixed height wooden framed chair. The most common chair used after a total hip replacement is the metal-framed chair, as it can be set at the correct height for use; however, some individuals prefer the wooden framed chair as they find them more aesthetically pleasing. Both types of chairs are available with wings if required.

Direct Mobility Hire Sleeping Equipment Hire

If your bed at home is not high enough for use then we can use bed risers to increase the height for safe use. The bed raisers are available in various designs so we are able to fit them to most beds. Unfortunately, we are unable to raise adjustable beds.

If using a walking frame to mobilise around the home, some people will struggle to carry items from one room to another. There are a couple of solutions to this issue;

walking frame caddy can be attached to the existing walking frame to enable items to be transported. The caddy can only be used on a walking frame that has wheels on the front. These are sales items only and cannot be hired at this time.

kitchen trolley can be used to transport items within or between rooms and can be used as an alternative to a walking frame with a caddy. It is important to remember that the walking frame has 4 wheels so could run away from you if used on a smooth floor surface.

perching stool is commonly used within the kitchen to enable an individual to perch as required when completing tasks such as peeling vegetables or washing up. They are height adjustable so can be set to the correct height for use.

Direct Mobility Hire Around The House Equipment Hire

Many of our customers find handheld items very useful following elective surgery. The most popular items are; a long-handled shoe horn, a long-handled bath sponge, an easy reacher and a sock aid. All of these items are available within our hip kits. These items are only available to purchase and details can be found within the handheld section of our hire brochure or on our website

We always recommend that you seek advice from a healthcare professional following elective surgery to ensure that you choose the correct equipment. You can also email our in house occupational therapist for advice on

Direct Mobility Hire Hand Held Equipment Hire

NHS choices (2015) Hip replacement-recovery (online). Available from: (accessed 29.07.2016)

8 replies on “Common Equipment Used Following Elective Surgery

  • Hannah


    My grandma is currently in hospital in Spain after falling and breaking her hip. She has had a full hip replacement and waiting for the insurance company to arrange flights for her to come home following a report from the hospital. She will need equipment to help her when she is back home. I’m not too sure of all the equipment she will require but been advised so far on the following

    – a walking frame
    – a bed
    – a toilet stand
    – a chair

    She will probably need a lot more than this and wondered if you could provide some advise and quotes on how much it might be to hire this equipment please.

    Many Thanks,


  • Julie Lamb

    My brother in law has had a hip replacement. Would it be possible to let me know how much it would be to hire a chair for a couple of weeks please

  • Stacey Pell

    HiY husband has had a hip replacement and I am looking to hire the chair with arms that is recommended post op..
    I live in Radlett . Please could you call me to discuss ?
    My number is 07836 772772
    Many thanks

  • Mrs M Mc Intyre

    Is it possible to hire a high back chair suitable for a patient who will be having a hip replacement?
    If so, can you tell me the cost?

    Also ,do you hire out a bath board?
    My postcode is G64 3PA
    Thank you.

  • Tina Champ

    I am waiting on a hip replacement and have had my pre op but I have no suitable chair at home. I am also on ltd funds so please can you give me details of the cheaper hire rates and types

  • Liz Burchell

    I have elected to have a hip replacement operation in November this year. Am wondering what the hospital will loan me re furniture? I have a one bedroom flat with unsuitable sofa and no rails in a new bathroom? Bed maybe too low. Can you inform me if your prices for possible loan.


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