Patient Transfer Aid (Sara Stedy)


The patient transfer aid can encourage the user to be active during sitting to standing transfers. Pedal-operated chassis legs are easily adjusted for access to wide chairs. Maximum user weight 182kg

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Arjo Sara Stedy Hire: Facilitating Sit-to-Stand Transfers

Key Features:

  • Innovative pivoting seat opening for improved access
  • User-friendly handle for secure transfers
  • Pedal-operated legs for easy adjustment and optimal access
  • Total-lock castors for complete support when stationary
  • Crossbar handle allows patients to pull themselves up instead of pushing
  • Built-in seat grips for caregiver convenience
  • Knee support for added stability
  • Robust frame supports up to 182kg (400lbs/28.6 stone)

The Arjo Sara Stedy and Sara Stedy Compact are transfer aids designed to assist a single caregiver in facilitating sit-to-stand movements for individuals. Ideal for cases where the person being transferred can actively participate, these aids ensure safe, easy, and ergonomic transitions from seated to standing positions.

Enhancing Everyday Mobility:

Available for hire from Direct Mobility, the Arjo Sara Stedy and Sara Stedy Compact are non-powered moving and handling equipment that empower individuals to accomplish daily tasks and improve their mobility. Tasks like transitioning from sitting to standing, which may seem daunting, become achievable with these aids. The Sara Stedy range facilitates seamless sit-to-stand motions, encouraging users to engage actively in these daily transfers.

Customizable for Various Heights:

Whether moving from bed to chair, chair to toilet, or washbasin to the day room, the Sara Stedy and Sara Stedy Compact make such transitions feasible. Encouraging movement can expedite recovery and mitigate the decline of mobility. Tailored to accommodate different user heights, the Sara Stedy range covers individuals from 4ft 6 up to 6ft 6, supporting a maximum weight of 182kg (28.5st). The Sara Stedy Compact is suitable for heights ranging from 138-172cm (4’6”-5’8”), while the Sara Stedy is better suited for those between 149-193cm (4’11”-6’6”).

Versatile Patient Transfer Aid:

As the pioneering and widely recognized enhanced standing aid for patient transfers, the Arjo Sara Stedy finds applications across diverse care environments, including the NHS, care homes, healthcare facilities, and residential settings.

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Below is a video demonstration of how the product works.

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