How to Choose the Ideal Walking Aid

How to choose the correct walking aid

The weather is certainly getting better, and as spring is fast approaching, we can now enjoy the outdoors more. Sunshine brightens up our mood, and there are many things to do outside, whether it’s a lovely walk or a delicious lunchtime meal with friends. Let’s discuss the different types of walking aids to make the most of these beautiful days.

A walking aid can give you the confidence to move around without relying on others. It is the ideal addition to your mobility if you have limited mobility. There are many designs available that meet different needs to help you get around your home safely, go shopping, or meet friends.

At Direct Mobility, our commitment lies in prioritising the suitability and exceptional value of our extensive range of mobility aids. Our collection includes various options such as walking frames, wheeled walkers, crutches, and more. Walking frames provide sturdy support and stability, while wheeled walkers enhance manoeuvrability and ease of movement.

We also provide additional accessories and features tailored to individual preferences and requirements, such as adjustable heights, ergonomic handles, and lightweight materials. These enhancements cater to diverse needs, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality.

Each mobility aid is crucial in empowering elderly or disabled individuals to navigate their homes with confidence and independence. By offering reliable support, they enable individuals to maintain their mobility, partake in daily activities, and navigate their surroundings without limitations. Recognising the uniqueness of each person’s needs, our walking aids are meticulously designed to address specific requirements, thereby facilitating an enhanced quality of life.

Consider the following factors when purchasing a walking frame, trolley walker, or rollator to explore new possibilities:

Walking Frames also known as Zimmers

There are various types of walking frames, from rigid to folding and wheeled. Each one of these walking aids offers stability and balance, giving the user confidence and enhanced movement. Available in a range of sizes, they typically feature adjustable designs, with the option of a rigid and folding frame, with or without wheels.

A Walking Frame without Wheels

Frames that have a broader base typically offer increased stability. However, if intended for indoor use, ensure compatibility with doorways by measuring them beforehand. On outdoor surfaces, this type of walking frame is best suited for even terrain. Regardless of width, selecting the appropriate height is crucial for comfort and adequate support.

Similar to when you choose a walking stick, determine the height by measuring from the ground to your wrist bone with arms at your side. Additionally, consider that rigid frames require lifting with each step, potentially leading to quicker fatigue. A wheeled frame might be a preferred choice for those prone to fatigue.

A Frame with Wheels

Two-wheeled walkers feature wheels on the front legs and rubber feet on the back legs. Forward movement is achieved by raising the back feet from the ground. While this type of walker has no brake, the back legs function as a brake when weight is applied to the frame.

A Folding Frame

Foldable zimmer frames are available in both wheeled and non-wheeled options. Each type incorporates either a drawstring folding mechanism, enabling the frame to fold front to back, or collapsible sides. This design makes transportation and storage easier.

Indoor and Outdoor Trolley Walkers

There’s the option to select either an indoor or outdoor trolley, with or without wheels or brakes. Trolleys are designed to provide walking support while also offering space for transporting items such as food or other necessities within your home or outdoors.

Indoor Trolleys

An indoor trolley with non-slip plastic trays helps you to transport meals, beverages or various items between rooms. Numerous trays feature convenient clip-on mechanisms for effortless removal during cleaning. Additionally, these versatile trays double as tabletop surfaces to allow you to dine and enjoy your hobbies. Foldable trolleys are also available for easy storage when not in use.

Outdoor Trolleys

Outdoor shopping trolleys typically feature larger wheels and enhanced storage capabilities, protecting your belongings against various weather conditions. They prove invaluable when bags become too heavy to carry independently, offering assistance in transporting your shopping home.


These wheeled walkers, available in three or four-wheel configurations, are designed for pushing and can be utilised indoors as well as outdoors. The three-wheeled variant, often referred to as a tri-walker, features a single swivelling front wheel and two fixed rear wheels. Four-wheeled walkers offer greater stability due to their wider design, though smaller models are available for indoor use.

Both of these types of rollators boast easy-to-steer wheels and brakes, catering to individuals with mobility issues who enjoy outdoor activities. Rollators with seats provide a convenient resting option during walks and often come with stylish accessories like bags and baskets.

Walking Aid Available From Direct Mobility

3 Wheel Walker (Tri-Walker)

4 Wheel Walker (Rollator)


Kitchen Trolley

Knee Walker

Walking Frame

Bariatric Walker


Whether you need a short- or long-term walking aid, we provide flexible hire options tailored to your needs. For more details about our mobility equipment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our devoted team is here to offer the support you need. Alternatively, you can add your desired walking aid to your hire list and request a customised quote.

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