Never Miss out on a Festival

As we start to plan for the year and the sun is just about to appear for the summer months, festival and concert lineups begin to be announced. Have you seen that your favourite artist or band will take to the stage at one of the bigg festivals? You want to let loose and enjoy the music, art and community and we can help make you feel at ease knowing you can choose from a fantastic range of rental off-road mobility equipment.

Accessibility at festivals has come a long way in recent years, the event planners have made great strides to ensure that their events are accessible to people with disabilities. They now offer accessible parking, ramps, elevators, plus designated viewing areas for those in wheelchairs. Some of the campsites can even have accessible toilets and showering facilities alongside electric charging hubs to be able to charge your mobility equipment.

Remember festivals are for everyone and there are many resources available to help ensure that people with disabilities can enjoy the experience just like anyone else.

Ensuring a positive experience at a festival

  1. Research the festival first and find out what accessibility features they offer. You can also contact the festival directly to ask about their accessibility policies and any accommodations they can make.
  2. Planning is always best. If you need specific accommodations, make sure you plan and contact the festival organizers in advance to make arrangements. This could include reserving an accessible parking spot, requesting a sign language interpreter, or arranging a wheelchair-accessible viewing platform.
  3. Bring necessary equipment such as wheelchairs, hearing aids or medication.
  4. Please communicate with the festival staff, they are often trained to assist people with disabilities and will be happy to help you navigate the festival grounds so you can enjoy the event like everyone else.
  5. Bring a friend or carer with you as they can help you navigate through the crowds and assist you with any needs you may have.


How Direct Mobility can help

Never miss out on your favourite acts performing on different stages, because we have a fantastic range of mobility solutions, including manual wheelchairs to choose from. Each one will make travelling around on uneven bumpy ground much easier. Please note that electric mobility scooters are not suitable for rough terrain and they require charging overnight – so we only recommend manual wheelchairs be used for festivals.

Hiring any of our equipment for your next festival couldn’t be easier, simply fill out our form online or call us. We will have your equipment delivered to you, in time for your festival, or you can collect it from our showroom in Hertford, Hertfordshire. We will take away the stress so that you can make the most of it and enjoy your festival to the fullest. Please note that we do not deliver to the festival site itself.

So whatever festivals you are looking at exploring this year, contact us today.


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