Why Hire


Why do people hire their equipment instead of buying? There are a number of reasons that people find it more beneficial to hire an item either in the short or long term.

Short term hire:

Holidays or short breaks; Lots of people use our short term hire service to ensure that they have the equipment required when they decide to take a holiday or a short break. This can make the difference between being able to travel away from home or not. Sometimes it is to save luggage space in the car, for example when hiring a scooter or hoist, and some items simply cannot be transported, such as electric profiling care beds. We regularly deliver a variety of items to hotels and apartments in central London and surrounding areas, as well as holiday parks and private residences.

Temporary use; Many people will hire equipment from us after an injury, such as a broken leg, or elective surgery such as a hip or knee replacement, when the equipment will only be required for a short time to aid the clients recovery. Many private hospitals and clinics do not issue the equipment required, and with increased cut backs in the NHS, patients are required to source the equipment themselves. Most of the time it will be more cost effective to hire the equipment, rather than purchase the items, once the client has recovered they are not left with equipment that they have no use for. We always make it clear within our price structure if an item will be cheaper to purchase rather than hire, however some clients still prefer to hire the items.

Repair of own equipment; Some clients decide to hire equipment from us if their own equipment has been sent away for repair. Mobility equipment helps people to remain independent, and they do not want to lose their independence if their own equipment is faulty or breaks down. Short term hire can provide them with a solution to ensure that they are not left without the equipment to meet their needs.

Trial hire; Finding the right item to purchase can be a daunting experience, with so many manufacturers and models to choose from, how do clients know what item will suit them? With short term hire clients are able to try the item(s), within the environment that It will be used, to ensure that it will meet their needs, before committing to purchasing the item(s). If an item is hired from us, then the client decides to buy the item, we refund 1 weekly hire price from the purchase price of a new item. If the client wants to purchase the hired item (an ex-hire purchase), then we will reduce the purchase price depending on the length of time that the item has been used on the hire fleet.

Long term hire

Some clients prefer to have an item on long term hire as opposed to purchasing an item. Long term hire gives clients complete peace of mind. Our long term hire clients pay an affordable monthly payment for a minimum period of 12 months and receive a brand new item, such as a scooter, hoist or electric wheelchair. The monthly payment covers insurance, breakdown cover and any parts and labour which may be required. This ensures that there will never be any surprising big bills to pay. At the end of the agreed period, the client can return the item, upgrade to a new model, or request to purchase the item. Complete flexibility, and complete peace of mind.

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